Xenesis Limited is in the business of developing, implementing and marketing of our proprietary algorithms that enables either us or product promoters/manufacturers to better target their products.



Xenesis utilizes compute infrastructure that is designed to allow our AI to scale to millions of cores - a size unmatched by even the largest cloud companies.  Each AI engine runs on separate CPUs and GPUs, enabling us to train our AI quickly and run batch jobs for months at a time.



The first offering from Xenesis is its "Magic Mirror" aimed at the mass-consumer market. The camera acts as a mirror. We make use of consumer images and determine various biometrics that enable us to plug appropriate products and services that are suitable for an individual consumer. Our Magic Mirror has the potential to answer how old is the idol,  or what will it look in 10 years. A prototype of our mobile device app is now available.


Deep Learning

We are deep into deep learning, developing and scaling neural network technologies advancing solutions such as computer graphic patterns to intelligently interpret massive, unstructured data sets at unprecedented scale. Those pattern sets can be exploited for making market stock predictions.

What could we do together?

Our Story

Our Story

Xenesis Limited is a new company and we started operating from the incubator at Surrey Research Park in March 2015. We, at Xenesis, recognise that there are tremendous advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through use of deep learning, neural networks and big data. Xenesis aims to exploit these technologies and develop an engine that can be deployed into applications spanning different consumer and government markets.

The need for our product in the marketplace is enormous and our technolgy can be integrated into many horizontal markets. Initially, we aim to target the following markets: Law Enforcement; Health and Beauty; Cosmetic Surgery; Insurance; Security Systems; Dating; Safety.

We endeavour to work with the best people in the field to produce a ground-breaking technology. We aim to be the best in our field. The University (CVSSP comprises of 19 Academics, 32 Researchers, 69 PhD students and 5 Support Staff) has huge expertise and experience that we can call upon. The "Magic" is in their CV, Image and Video Processing, AI, ML, Pattern Recognition and Image Metrics algorithms.



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